Bringing Clean Water to 138 Students

Our Mission:

Clean Water for 138 Students

We pledge to give access to clean water to 138 young, aspiring students at the Ban Huai Yang Elementary School in Rural West Thailand.


As of now, there are 138 elementary students and 9 teachers that struggle every day at school because of limited access to safe, drinking water. The government often fails to deliver clean drinking water to many rural areas, and the school we are working with is one of the affected communities. The water is delivered in government trucks, and unfortunately, when the water arrives, it is visibly dirty due to contamination during sourcing and transportation. This poses a serious health hazard to the students and teachers.

We want to provide their community with a new and sustainable water treatment and distribution system that will allow the students and teachers to drink, brush their teeth, and cook their food with clean and safe water. The children and adults deserve this basic right to clean water, the right to learn and teach without worrying about getting sick, and the right to enjoy a healthy life and future.

Who are we?

We are a team of seven passionate students participating in an unique humanitarian program called Projects with Underserved Communities (PUC) in which engineering and social work students partner with NGOs in developing countries to design and implement a project that will make a positive impact in an underserved community. This year, our team will be working with the members of the New Life Church to develop and implement a water treatment and distribution system at Ban Huai Yang Elementary School in Thailand.

We all come a different background of engineering and interests, but all share one common goal: to serve those who need it the most. We want to make a lasting impact on the world and show others that no matter how young or small you are, you can still make a positive change across the world.

Interested in learning more about who are we and what we do? We welcome you to check our biographies on the meet the team page!

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Access to Clean Water

Recently, our home, Austin was in a state of crisis due to the lack of accessibility to clean water. For an entire week, we experienced the inconvenience of having to boil our tap water or purchase bottled drinking water.

Now, imagine this was the case for rest of the year, or even for the next few years. Imagine every time you turned on the sink to wash your hands, brush your teeth, or grab a quick drink, your water came out visibly dirty, filled with unknown contaminants. What the Governor calls an emergency situation for the city of Austin is an everyday reality for the children at Ban Huai Yang Elementary School.


Our Project

That’s why in May of 2019, our team, PUC Thailand 138, pledges to travel across the world to rural Thailand to bring these young, aspiring students the access to clean water and opportunity for normal life that they deserve! Please support and follow us, as we embark on this ambitious goal of changing the lives of 138!

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Our Partners

In order to successfully bring clean water to the students at Ban Huai Yang Elementary School, we will be partnering with an NGO called the New Life Church. For the past two years, PUC has cultivated relationships with the members of the church. They will serve as the liaisons with the community to ensure that we can bring the most sustainable solution to the Ban Huai community. Together, the members of the local community and cohorts of students have already developed two successful projects, building sinks for clean water access, as well as a separate water filtration project at two nearby schools.


Our Impact

This year, our team will be working to develop and implement a water treatment and water distribution project at Ban Huai Yang Elementary School in Thailand. Our goals are to improve the the drinking water quality for 138 elementary school students and their teachers in addition to improving their overall hygiene.


children receiving clean water

Help 138 students gain access to their basic human need! By contributing a donation on our Hornraiser page, you will support us in ensuring that these children have a reliable source of clean drinking water.



sinks to build

Today, students drink visibly dirty water directly from large storage tanks. We are planning to build a water treatment and distribution system to ensure that they are able to get a quick drink of water before returning to class.



OUnces of water per day

This is the required intake of clean water for a person to remain healthy. Currently, the students have no access to clean drinking water at school. Our goal is to change this!


Where is Ban Huai Yang Elementary?

The school is located in the Kanchanaburi Province in West Thailand, which is approximately 75 miles northwest of Bangkok. During our service trip next summer, our team will be staying with the New Life Church 50 minutes away from Ban Huai Yang Elementary.