Fun Day with the Kids!!!



Today was Jacob and Megan’s first day at the school, woohoo! Before lunch, half of the team went shopping for the project and the other half remained behind for the arduous task of playing with the kids. The kids had a blast playing with chalk and learning how to play frisbee; Megan even read a children’s book to the kids during their English class and the kids asked questions about America with the help of our translators. Meanwhile, the store hopping portion of our team bought a majority of the remaining pipes, rebar, and wood for the project and did a little bit of tile shopping for our sink. Once the supplies were secured, our team met up for lunch and planned out the rest of our day. After our stomachs were filled, we traveled back to the school to find even more desserts from the school. The contracts also gifted us with 15 fresh mangos picked from his sister’s garden.

The kids still had plenty of energy for activities and we spent the majority of the rest of our day hanging out with the kids. We had a great time playing soccer, painting, and drawing with chalk. The kids even taught Megan and Taylor how to count to one hundred in Thai. They also helped Jacob and Irina pronounce Thai words and phrases, one of us was much better than the other and was able to get to the back of the “Thai for Kids” book without learning a single word. To the surprise of no one, Michael spent his time teaching the kids how to exercise and do handstands.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we did get some work on the site completed. We finalized the layout of the piping and the soakage pit, installed the new wood into the sink formwork, and gave the OK to the contractors to build the form work for the concrete slab that will support our new water tanks. With the sink pour on the horizon, we only have a few final touches left before the next phase of our project begins, piping.

Michael Liu