Time to Work!


Today was our first official work day at the Ban Huai Yang elementary school. We arrived at the school early in the morning and were greeted with big smiles from the principal, teachers, and children. Our team was taken into a classroom decorated with beautiful flowers where the principal and the superintendent introduced us and thanked us for choosing their school for our project. The most heartwarming part of the ceremony were two traditional Thai dances that little girls performed for us. It was an emotional moment because this ceremony was the first real interaction with the community we are serving. Some of us even teared up a couple of times. We are finally doing this! We’ve been waiting for this for so long, and now that it is actually happening it feels surreal!

p1 day4.JPG
p2 day4.JPG

After the ceremony, we headed off to finish shopping for materials. Then, off to work! Measuring, cutting, sweating, measuring, cutting, sweating…. We did not forget about the most important part of the project however – there was also some Monkey in the Middle in the middle of all of that! Playing with the kids was a great reminder of why we are putting our sweat, blood, and tears into this project. (Well, mostly sweat.)

p4 day4.jpeg

After our productive day, we headed back to church to enjoy yet another fantastic dinner. Tomorrow, we are going to repeat it all over again!

BTW Jacob and Megan, the rest of our PUC family, are arriving tomorrow! Right before separation anxiety gets really bad. Yay! We are so happy to be reunited again!

Michael Liu