Major Productivity + Finally REUNITED

Tuesday was the beginning of an intense work day! Starting off at 5 AM, Michael and Kevin from the other Thailand team woke up to do an hour of INSANITY WORKOUT, to warm up their bodies for the long work day ahead. Hopefully they manage to stay this energetic throughout the week!

After the daily breakfast, the team headed out on the hour drive to finish up the formwork. After being accustomed to the tools, contractors, and site, the team made quick work with their to-do-list. New drill bits were purchased and used immediately to finalize the formwork, the cement board was laid and nailed onto the CMU bricks, the foam inserts were precisely measured, cut, and adhered on a multi-grid pattern drawn on the board.

Form Day 2.jpeg
Formwork Close up.jpeg

We even got rewarded with Cake from the school teachers!


In-between that entire day’s worth of work, Eva and Cynthia got a chance to visit the classrooms and read books to the kids while Michael and Irina received Thai haircuts at the local neighbor down the street.


Meanwhile, Jacob and Megan finally arrived in Bangkok and spent their day enjoying the experiences that were privileged to us earlier in the week (one being the ceremonious TEXAS hotpot restaurant!).

Michael Liu