Trench Digging!


This morning, we got straight to work! After finalizing the layout for the site, we marked out our drainage pipe line. Then, we got to digging while listening to, and loudly singing “we’re halfway theeere” from the song Living on a Prayer. Cameron taught everyone how to jump on the shovels to dig faster and more efficiently for our 13-inch deep trench (check out how well we fit in them)! After we finished, we headed to lunch where we enjoyed another delicious meal from the church and more cakes from the school!

After lunch, we had more time to play and bond with the kids. They are definitely starting to be more comfortable with us and teach us more and more Thai every day! We played soccer, frisbee, monkey in the middle, hide and seek, and Crazy Dog! The kids were always watching out for us and made sure we took lots of water breaks. We learned that the kids sometimes give themselves English names, such a Guitar, Gift and Lute, so we gave ourselves thai names: mi (bear) for Taylor and dog mai (flower) for Megan! The kids at the school are constantly uplifting our spirits and reminding us why we are here. We will definitely have a hard time leaving them :’(

At the end of the day, we decided to treat ourselves to a spa night. Megan plucked everyone’s eyebrows and Eva brought everyone a sheet mask! Look how great we look!

cynthia & kids.JPG
meg & tay kids.jpeg
weirdo jacoob.JPG
spa day.JPG
Megan Yen