Congrats Team 1!

Today we woke up bright and earlyish to go to Team 1's closing ceremony! We played with the kids at the school along with Team 1. Michael won an arm wrestling contest against 5 of the kids! 

At 10 we took our seats and the ceremony began! Preschoolers and kindergartners did a cute dance for us (complete with lots of crying and confusion), followed by a traditional Thai dance from five high school girls! 

The school also served us delicious cakes. After Team 1 said their speech and cut the ribbon, it was time for lunch and ice cream! Lunch was pink noodles served with soup and stinky fish! Yum!

We then scouted another school about an hour away, located in a beautiful spot among the mountains. It's in a very poor region, so the school has had donations from the King and other nonprofits. We scouted the possibility of additional bathrooms, bleachers, and a shelter near the soccer field. We think this site would be a great potential project, especially since there are kids from 3 villages going to this school. After we finished scouting, we headed back home and rested for the remainder of the day. 

For dinner, we had a special surprise. Durian! There were very mixed reviews: Eva and Irina thought it tasted like it smelled (rotting flesh) while Michael chowed down. Overall, it was a great day!

Congrats to Team 1 on their successful closing ceremony! 1

Megan Yen