What a Fun, but DRAINing Day!

Today was a relaxing day. We slept in until noon and then, after lunch, sunbathed by the pool.. Just kidding! We wish! Instead, early as usual, we arrived at the school and started cutting and glueing pipes and assembling sinks. Our 3000 L water storage tanks arrived a couple of hours later. Jacob and Irina rinsed them off before placing them on the concrete slab. Squeaky clean! Meanwhile, Taylor and Megan headed out to purchase the (panda) tile that is going to be placed tomorrow. 

Today, we also taught the students all about germs (lao in Thai)! Ew! We had a discussion about what germs are, how they affect us, and where they can be found. To show how easily they spread, we did an activity where baby powder represented germs. We pretended to sneeze “germs” into our hands and then high-fived all the students. The students could see how the baby powder (aka germs) spread from our hands to theirs. Then, we performed another activity to get the students thinking about where germs can be hiding by having the students trace their hands and palm creases and drawing little germs wherever they thought germs could hide. We had some students share their drawings and then talked about the importance of hand washing with soap and water! Since hand-washing can keep us healthy, we explained to them that we are here to build sinks to help them wash away the germs!

pipe kids.jpg

Wow, seems like this project is starting to wrap up! Tomorrow, the plan is to finish connecting all the pipes and, hopefully, test out the system. Fingers crossed! Stay tuned!

Megan Yen