We had a recent change of plans for today. Instead of scouting with the other team, we decided that we needed to push on today to finish, and push on we did indeed!

The team left for site early, and got on the piping system immediately on arrival. We pinpointed the unconnected areas for the supply and drainage pipes and made careful calculations for what was needed to finish the system.

7:5 Jacob.jpeg

The water supply truck came in and filled up our storage tanks to ensure there was no leaks. Well… it did leak at first. BUT by the second run through, we made SURE our fittings were tight.

Storage tanks full and working? Check.


We continued working on the piping systems in the hot heat until lunch time. And to our delight, the pastors surprised us with fresh coconuts for everyone on the team! A full platter of mushroom and veggie galore, tom yum soup, and chicken wings, there was plenty of variety to have a good time.

7:5 megan.jpeg

Feeling good after feeding, we returned to finally connect the sinks to their respective supply and drainage slots.

Supply and drainage system fully connected? Mostly…. check.

7:5 Eva.jpeg

Yesterday, the contractors accidentally removed too many tree branches when clearing up vertical space for our storage tanks, and now there isn’t too much shade left to cool the water. We decided that we wanted to add a cooling station, so everything besides that is done.

So while Taylor and Irina go shopping for a cooling station, the contractors began to work on the panda tiles and the rest of the team go do a workshop for the 4th to 6th graders. We started learning about hand washing, handed out some prizes, and ended up coating everybody in the room with baby powder (in the name of germ lessons!).


We played and played until everyone got tired and went home.

Productive and satisfying day? Check.

Now it’s time to finish up the remaining pieces and cross the finish line.

Michael Liu