We Have Running WATER!

Today was our last full work day at the school! We finished assembling all of the sinks and pipes, and the water is RUNNING! When we ran the system for the very first time, there were a few tiny leaks from the drainage. Don’t you worry, plumbers Megan and Taylor came to the rescue! While they closed up the leaks, the rest of the team got to “undigging” the trench (since there were no leaks there)! So… we have working SINKS!!! :)

We mixed some dirt with some water. and we paired the students up and told them to try to clean the water as much as they could with sponges, cotton balls, paper, and extra cups. they had a lot of fun trying to figure it out. we gave prizes to the top 3 teams who had the cleanest water with the best filtration systems. after that, we had a chance to play with the kids, and play “Down By the Banks.”

After another long day of work, Taylor found a nice sitting spot on Jacob’s back.

sitting on jacob.JPG

The contractors are finishing up the panda tiles, and we will finish off our project tomorrow by letting the kids put their handprints on the side walls of the sinks!

Megan Yen