All Hands On Deck!


Today we are officially almost finished with our sinks!! We gathered the children outside a few groups at a time and lined them up to make their mark on their new sinks! Very important members of our team- the contractors and the pastors- were able to press their hands on the sinks as well. We reserved a spot for our team to imprint our hands at the end :)

We had an quick and early lunch and then we headed over to the mall for some Thai massages! While Taylor, Irina, Eva and Michael went in first to get their massages, the rest of the team walked around and did some shopping. After an hour, it was the second group’s turn. While they went in for their massage, the first group went to get some boba and snacks! Uncle Wit and the pastors came back and we did some shopping at a store where homemade items were sold from the local village.


Stretch and relaxed, the team headed to the old Chinese temple and the Dragons Descendants Museum. There were kung fu fighting statues in front of the dragon where we posed with them and snapped a few pics!

Megan Yen