Ayutthaya Time!



We are now officially done with our portion of the project. If we could, we would help the contractors, but I do want the sinks to last more than 5 years and still look good so I think it’s best that we leave the pros to do the final touches. With our work clothes in the laundry, we went to the ruins of the ancient capital in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

In classic PUC 138 fashion, we left 30 minutes later than we were supposed to. What can you do? The team split up into quite a few groups this time around so that everyone got a chance to explore the areas that they wanted.The group started our journey by searching for the nearest restaurant and immediately getting distracted by the giant golden Buddha and nearby ruins. The restoration of this nearly 60-foot tall Buddha statue was awe-inspiring, or maybe it was the impressive ventilation provided by the fans that made it even better. The nearby ruins were definitely ruins but looked gorgeous. Again, ancient civilizations blow my mind with their incredible ability to construct such intricate designs and stability.


I did feel bad for some of the statues; they definitely looked like they had seen better days. Some of the heads of the statues rolled so far away from their bodies, one of them even ended up inside a tree. I believe it had to have been placed there by someone who worked in the ancient tourism industry and knew that it would be a hot commodity one day, but I’ve been wrong about much smaller things before.

Michael joined some of Team 1 and decided that food was unnecessary and walked for a full 4 hours. They saw every inch of those ruins, so if you have any questions about it, direct your questions towards him. I, on the other hand, decided to nourish myself and joined another half of Team 1 for a “Trip Advisor” approved restaurant. Once we were done eating, half of us decided to take Reese and Margaret to their first Thai massage while the other half explored the remaining ruins. We all met back at the cars and drove home for a feast that Khem was holding for us.


Once again, Khem had a bumpin’ playlist and even better food. The team celebrated with some of the cooks and neighbors; look below for good, awkward, and genuine dancing fun. While we are all winding down after the party, we began coming to terms with the fact that we are leaving in less than 5 days. It breaks our hearts to leave the kids and no longer hear the excited hellos from every student we walk past. We knew it was inevitable, but some of the kids are still going to struggle no matter how gracefully we exit. I hope that one day I can see them all again and maybe compare our handprints on the sink.

Megan Yen