What a 'Dam' Good Day!


Wow, time has flown by SO FAST. As our project comes to an end, we begin to reflect on everything that has happened and all that we have learned. Today kicked off our series of ending ceremonies and goodbyes  *sniffle sniffle* The community held a farewell celebration for us and a couple of the kids from our school even showed up! The kids performed a dance for us, Taylor and Ga performed a special number, and Khem’s father in-law sang us a song! Everything was so beautiful and so sweet. To end the ceremony, the two teams were invited up to the front and presented with scarves and bracelets and keychains (we’re never going to take them off!!)

After lunch, the team headed back to our rooms to watch movies, play cards, or rest up. And for our adventure of the day, Ploy, Min and Dar took us to a dam. We rented some bikes and rode along the entire length of the dam and it was soo beautiful! The weather was perfect and we even saw a rainbow! 


For dinner, we had a special treat for Ploy’s mother’s birthday... Thai Pho and cake! To end the night, we spent some time star gazing and identifying constellations and planets (we saw Jupiter, the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper!)

Megan Yen