Our Mission

Access to clean water in Thailand has become increasingly difficult due to the rapid country’s population and industrial growth. Presently, the government does not have the necessary experience or resources to remove toxic heavy metal waste and untreated sewage from the water sources. Access to clean water should be a right for all global citizens, but a large portion of the population in Thailand does not have this right. Currently, the school we are working with gets its water delivered in government trucks. The water is then stored in large outdoor water tanks. The school makes an effort to keep the tanks clean, but the water that is originally not clean or safe for drinking is also contaminated during transportation. Today, children and teachers have to bring filtered water from home. However, this can be expensive, and during the day, they often run out and have to use the water from the tanks. This poses a real health hazard and affects the quality of every-day life of both children and teachers.

In May 2019, our team will travel to Ban Huai Yang Elementary School in the Kanchanaburi province of west Thailand to build a water filtration system and 12 sinks as well as 2 spigots to give students access to clean drinking water. Through this project, we will be serving 150 students and teachers at the elementary school. Our mission is to combat the deprivation of the basic right for clean water. The water filtration system and sinks will allow students to drink, brush their teeth, and cook their food with clean and safe water